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Exactly what you think it is.


Test your skills as a racer in this tournament of champions. We'll be playing the Nintendo Switch version.


Summertime is the right time for apple pie. What better way to enjoy it than by shoving it down your gullet! Five participants will compete to eat their pie completely with no hands.


Telestrations is a game in which participants take turns responding to an image or text. It begins with one person writing a phrase, then allowing the next person to illustrate that phrase. The third person can only see the image, and has to then write the phrase that is illustrated. This continues on until the conclusion of the game.

To see past Telestrations, check out the PDFs for 2017 and 2016.


​We all know that the summer is a great time to relax outside with a good book, so at this year's Heat Wave Sweet Rave, we'll once again be holding a Book Exchange. If you have a book (or a few) that you really want to share with others, please bring it. (Typically, books aren't wrapped but if you want to make sure people don't judge your offering by its cover, feel free to wrap it!)

During the Heat Wave, people will be able to select one book from the pile. We encourage all attendees to bring a book so everyone can have the chance to discover something new. It doesn't matter what kind of book you bring, for one person's treasured text is another person's firewood. (No magazines, though. We're not heathens.)

Download our Road Trip Activity Book from 2020!

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