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Hand Turkeys

Just like that ol' classroom classic, use your hand to create a turkey. Design it however you choose to! Once you complete it, you can hang it up for others to admire.

Bobbing for Nips

An adult version of the children's fall classic. Take turns bobbin' for nips. How many can you bring to the surface?

For obvious reasons, we will not be doing this in 2020.

Thanksgiving Chain

Help fill this home with warmth and gratitude by building a chain of thanks and good wishes. Fill out a slip and staple it as a new link on this chain. We'll keep it up year round, building on each year at the next Housewarming Harvest.

Dare Master

'Tis the season for being tricky! Upon visitation of the Daremaster, all assembled will have the opportunity to complete the dare as determined by the Daremaster. Successfully completing the dare will make you the new Daremaster - and you can create a new dare or choose from the Dare of Scares bag


The classic party game of guessing famous people!

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