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2019 Workshops


Introduction to Theater Skills: Meisner Technique

Brianna Smith

Actors use the Meisner Technique to understand how their characters feel and live in their world. Through repetition exercises, you are encouraged to truthfully react to how your scene partner is expressing a line. In our daily lives, we typically stifle our natural reactions in order to avoid confrontation. Due to that, we are practicing shutting off our genuine selves, as well as not trusting our intuition. In order to create authentically, you must first be... You guessed it, AUTHENTIC! These exercises apply to actors and non-actors alike.


Our Own Poetry

Paul Riley

Stanzas, meter, rhyme - so much of our experience with poetry has been analyzing its literary elements. But poetry isn’t defined by a rubric. It’s one of the most intimate forms of communication we have. When we read poems, we are listening to the poet whisper into our ear their attempt to explain existence. In this workshop, we’ll toss out the Hallmark elements of poetry and discover what is possible with carefully selected words and line breaks. We’ll draft our own poems and - if you want - workshop them. All supplied will be provided.


Craftmaking - Art You Can Wear

Jamie Hennick

For millennia, humans have been adorning their earlobes with my favorite accessory, the earring. That's right... Ötzi the Ice Man, Europe's oldest mummy at 5,000 years old, had boreholes in his ears! Clearly, he was a powerful influencer as earrings have held on as a mainstay of jewelry fashion ever since. Come join Jamie (yes, the one and only founder of teen business, Earrings! By Jamie), to learn how to make your own earrings that will frame that beautiful face of yours. Several designs using varying materials will be available for you to try as well as the time and space for you to explore your own creative impulses. Findings will be available for those with pierced and non-pierced ears.


Neographic - The Art of Collage Composition

Dave Dutilley

For the past few years I have made collages using old National Geographic magazines, other antique images, and materials. Here's a chance to make art from materials that are irreplaceable and older than you are. The restriction of the medium helps spurn thoughtfulness and creativity in the creator.


Cooking a Stone Soup and Breadmaking

Sarah Cormier and Rachael Kane

For those unfamiliar with the tale, Stone Soup is about a hungry traveler whose request for food is rebuffed by villagers. The traveler builds a fire and begins cooking a rock inside of his pot with some water. One by one, villagers add something to the soup until it becomes an actual meal. We're not planning any meals in particular but would like to do something similar. Please bring one ingredient and we'll work together on the evening of Friends’ End Day to make something tasty. (And if it's disgusting, we'll order some pizza.)


Stop a Supervillain's plot! An Introduction to ANOTHER Tabletop RPG

Syl Harrington

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS can be great and all, but sometimes you need something a little bit lighter. Maybe something that we can play in an hour session? Maybe something more flexible with the rules? Maybe something themed around...SUPERHEROES?

Join us in SENTINELS RPG! Choose a character from a colorful cast of up to 11 premade original superheroes as we attempt to foil a supervillain's plot...while dealing with the minor and major twists that result as a consequence of our actions.

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