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2018 Workshops


The Improv of Crafting

Jill Connolly

There's something powerful in creating an item from raw materials. Even as a kid you can feel it: sitting down surrounded by Popsicle sticks, glue, markers and paper, ready to make a gift for a parent. Many people today have continued to fashion something personal to share with others. In this workshop, Jill Connolly approaches crafting through the lens of fandom. Come learn how to make your own pins and pendants to celebrate the pop culture you love most. All supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring any pictures or notes that might be helpful for you.


Become a Super Hero

Will Wiggins

Everyone has something about them that makes them special. That makes them... heroic. That makes them a super hero. In this workshop, we'll delve into things that make ourselves, or someone else we know, totally iconic or heroic, and make that into a super power. Then, we'll transition that into how to apply a character design around that. Designs can vary in complexity, from simple cartoon to realistic comic character.


Mash and Brew: Making Guacamole and Brewing Great Coffee

Sarah Cormier and Patrick Brower

How many times have you relied on pre-made guac and barista-poured coffee? We choose to have others make something that can be more enjoyable and more delicious if we made it ourselves. For those interested in expanding their cooking skills, come to this session to add two more recipes to your cookbook. Sarah will be starting us off with how to make guacamole, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, and Patrick will help us get re-energized with coffee brewing techniques.


Painless Painting

Ethan Grosso

As anyone who has ever watched Bob Ross or attended a Paint and Wine night can attest, painting can be painless. It can also be very fun and rewarding. In this intro to painting, we will go over color theory, basic technique, and work with still lifes. We will be using acrylic paint so please dress accordingly. Due to the higher than average cost of materials for this workshop, we will be asking for a small donation of $3.00 per participant    


Oh, Ya’ll Got Jokes, Huh? An Intro to Stand-up Comedy

James Riley

What’s the deal with Stand-Up comedy? In this brief introduction to comedy we will be talking about different styles of humor in the history of stand-up. We will also discuss the ways in which comedians write jokes and workshop jokes of our own. With an eye looking toward performance, each participant will write out their own tight five (or less) and perform it at the night’s showcase.


Cooking a Stone Soup

Sarah Cormier

For those unfamiliar with the tale, Stone Soup is about a hungry traveler whose request for food is rebuffed by villagers. The traveler builds a fire and begins cooking a rock inside of his pot with some water. One by one, villagers add something to the soup until it becomes an actual meal. We're not planning any meals in particular but would like to do something similar. Please bring one ingredient and we'll work together on the evening of Friends’ End Day to make something tasty. (And if it's disgusting, we'll order some pizza.)


Calling all Adventurers! An Intro to Role Playing Systems

Syl Harrington

Fun! Adventure! Creativity! Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into roleplaying games but were intimidated with the books and dice and way too cool crowd? Do you enjoy thinking about fictional characters, motivations, or interpersonal dynamics?  Has Stranger Things got you nostalgic for sitting around the table with your friends and slaying some Mindflayers? This introductory workshop on roleplaying may be for you. We will be using a system adapted from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. We will do a character brainstorming session and some light role playing of a short scenario. No previous experience is required.   

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