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Off Their Plate

Off Their Plate is supporting hospital workers with meals from restaurants delivered by their employees (who are individuals who have been laid off from COVID). This organization was selected because they are innovative responders to the ripple effects of COVID-19 closures, a true demonstration of the power of a grassroots coalition. Off Their Plate partners with local restaurants experiencing suboptimal business to cook nutritious meals for frontline medical workers and hires workers who have lost their jobs to deliver those meals to frontline medical staff. They started working with just one hospital in Boston and have since expanded the effort to cities across the country. 100% of donations go to feeding frontline workers. 


826 Boston

826 Boston was selected because 1) they're awesome 2) they're artsy and 3) they are passionate about connecting underserved young people to the magic of the written word. Jamie has volunteered here before and has personally seen the care and intention they put into providing creative spaces for young people- building community in ways not unlike the Riley Bros. Parties, where everyone has a voice and is valued. Donating now will support their ongoing efforts to provide virtual programming for their students so that they may continue to learn and write their stories throughout these prolonged school closures.

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WHO COVID Response Solidarity Fund

Selected to send some American support to an organization that has mobilized to help countries around the world in preventing, detecting and responding to COVID. In light of our so-called President withdrawing US support from this organization, we felt it would be a satisfying gesture to support their global response to this global health issue in whatever ways we can. The WHO COVID Response Solidarity Fund is helping countries to strategize their response to COVID, mobilize care and globally is helping to accelerate the effort to develop a vaccine. 

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