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Our friends share their talents and everyone comes away with a few more skills. There are typically two options at every workshop block.

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Bring one wrapped gift of something artistic (whether it's visual art like a painting or sculpture, musical art like an album or CD, or media art like a movie or TV show on DVD/Blu-ray, or something else). These gifts will be randomly selected by others. Once the gift you brought has been unwrapped, you can explain why you think it's great.


The Community Toast is an opportunity for all of us to gather one last time as part of our celebration. We will take time to share our thoughts on the party itself, reflect on the community we are a part of, and make commitments for the future. (Not happening in 2022)


Everyone brings an ingredient and we make dinner. This is a great opportunity for community building and collective problem solving.


Everyone will have the opportunity to share some of the things they've created during the day. Challenge by choice - no pressure! - but we hope you'll be willing to allow others to see your art.

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